Whether you're simply investigating your options, are a "newbie" to homeschooling, or can claim the title of seasoned veteran, Tina would be thrilled to chat with you, one-on-one, to offer feedback and encouragement. 

She can meet with you at our default appointment location (the KRESS FAMILY LIBRARY in DePere), but she's also open to connecting at OTHER VENUES. In fact, she will even schedule a ZOOM meeting or call you on the PHONE if you'd prefer!

Via our appointment system, you can pick a specific day and time to receive dedicated attention. To book, simply click the button and follow the instructions.

Please note that - while we (obviously) love children - the small meeting room we use for in-person consultations at the Kress Family Library is not equipped to accommodate children during meetings. It is often helpful for tweens/teens (Age 11+) to join in, but - in order to make your visit as productive as possible - we suggest scheduling an appointment at a time when your spouse or a friend can watch your younger children for a short time. Or, if a Zoom meeting or phone call works better for you - so your children can play at home while we talk - we are very happy to set that up with you.

Appointments are FREE. However, if you would like to make a (non-tax-deductible) donation to help defray The Loft's on-going operating expenses, just click this donate button.

Tina maintains a rather extensive personal curriculum library, and she would be happy to bring along a few items of interest to your consultation. Browse the contents of her collection by clicking the button, and then reach out to her a few days before your appointment with your request.