Established in April 2021, The Homeschool Loft is a product of Jenny's vision to continue supporting homeschooling parents as she moved into the realm of being a "retired" homeschooler. She reached out to Tina, who "retired" from homeschooling in 2020, and they hatched a basic plan during an afternoon coffee date.

Via its physical location in De Pere, Wisconsin, The Loft provides a space for Jenny and Tina to meet one-on-one with homeschooling parents, host book clubs and discussion groups, hold workshops and seminars, and accommodate a curriculum viewing library. They also consult with parents via local house calls, Zoom meetings, and phone calls. And The Loft's podcast extends the ladies' reach out into cyberspace, all with the goal of blessing the socks off homeschooling parents near and far.


Tina and her husband Jeff educated their beautiful Irish Twin daughters from home for the girls' whole lives, graduating them together in Spring 2020. Tina began actively advocating for homeschooling parents in March 2013, with the creation of her free curriculum database, The Homeschool Resource Roadmap. From that foundation, she subsequently created a free resource database for Northeast Wisconsin home educators; an online discussion group for homeschoolers throughout Wisconsin; and two versions of an online discussion group (HERE and HERE) that connect Christian homeschoolers across the country. She's also written a book, 8 Great Smarts for Homeschoolers: A Guide to Teaching Based on Your Child's Unique Strengths, published by Moody Publishers in August 2021. When not thinking or talking about homeschooling, Tina cheerleads for her husband, daughters, and son-in-law; laughs at her cats' antics; cherishes the opportunity to serve on her church's worship team; and looks forward with much anticipation to the birth of her first grandchild in late 2022.


Jenny’s passion has always been teaching. She has always been committed to helping children and their parents foster a love of learning together. Joel - Jenny's studly husband! - has always been committed to helping families build and maintain communication, particularly in the areas of finance, career, and professional development. Because Jenny and Joel recognized that their children are gifts from God, they chose to center their days around teaching and learning alongside them. Though both children have graduated from Tetzner Academy, the family continues to seek out new opportunities to learn together. The Homeschool Loft is a continuation of the Tetzner family's commitment to helping other families discover the joy that learning brings.

Just as we respect the God-given right of all parents to direct the education of their children as they see fit, so too we respect individual convictions in regards to the wearing of masks. While neither Jenny nor Tina chooses to mask, you are still welcome if you do. Likewise, we will assume if you do not mask that you have a religious or medical reason for choosing to abstain. We do require that all parties respect others' decision on this matter (as well as on the issue of vaccination) and refrain from attempting to coerce in one way or the other.