Opening in May 2021, The Homeschool Loft is the product of an initial collaboration between two veteran homeschooling moms, Tina Hollenbeck and Jenny Tetzner, who met over coffee one day to brainstorm ways to serve current and prospective homeschooling families in Northeastern Wisconsin (which they broadly defined as those in Marinette, Menominee, Oconto, Shawano, Brown, Door, Kewaunee, Outagamie, Waupaca, Calumet, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Sheboygan, and Winnebago counties). From May 2021 through March 2023, Jenny and Tina worked together providing one-on-one consultations, book clubs and discussion groups, workshops and seminars, a podcast, and various gatherings and events. 

In March 2023, Jenny handed over the proverbial Loft keys to Tina so she could pursue another endeavor, The Learning House, with her husband, Joel. Tina and her cooperating partners continue through The Homeschool Loft to meet the needs of homeschoolers in their local area and beyond.



Tina and her husband Jeff educated their Irish-Twin daughters from home for the girls' whole lives, graduating them together in Spring 2020. Tina began actively advocating for homeschooling parents in March 2013, with the creation of her free curriculum database, The Homeschool Resource Roadmap. From that foundation, she subsequently created a free resource database for Northeast Wisconsin home educators; an online discussion group for homeschoolers throughout Wisconsin; and an online discussion group that connects Christian homeschoolers across the country. She's also written a book, 8 Great Smarts for Homeschoolers, published by Moody Publishers in August 2021. When not thinking or talking about homeschooling, Tina cheerleads for her husband, daughters, and son-in-law; laughs at her cats' antics; cherishes the opportunity to serve on her church's worship team; and dotes on her first grandchild, born in December 2022.



Chris and her husband "Steve the Tech Guy" thoroughly enjoyed homeschooling their children, all of whom have flown the nest.  Chris joined The Homeschool Loft shortly after its inception as parents were looking for assistance with speech/language concerns.  After over two decades as a Speech Language Pathologist, she is glad to provide speech and language consultations to assist homeschooling families. Chris is also very excited to have become more involved with Loft endeavors since April 2023, including co-hosting The Homeschool Loftcast 2.0 with Tina. 
Outside of Loft-related activities, you'll most likely find Chris on her family's hobby farm, caring for its horses, chickens and bees, or pursuing any of her numerous other interests. 



Steve the Tech Guy - a.k.a., Chris' husband! - is a software developer, lifelong vocalist, aspiring voice actor, and producer of The Homeschool Loftcast 2.0.

Please note that, though Tina, Chris, and Steve are all unapologetic about their Christian faith, they do not discriminate in who they serve. They will answer questions from current and prospective homeschoolers of any faith persuasion (or none) just as happily as they will advise other Christians. In other words, The Homeschool Loft is a ministry operated by three Christians in service to all homeschoolers.