Do you wish you could sit down with a cup of coffee - taking a little break from wrangling your sweet kiddos - and page through a curricular resource before you commit to buying it?

You can look at online samples offered by many providers - but that's not quite the same as seeing something in person. You might be able to attend a homeschool convention - but what if you can't travel? Or what if a provider in which you're interested isn't exhibiting at the convention you attend?  You could try to attend a curriculum fair or used book sale hosted by a local homeschool group - but what if you miss its once-a-year event? You can ask a homeschooling friend - but what if she doesn't use the material you're considering?

While The Homeschool Loft can't house every available resource either - there are, in fact, more than 5,000 companies offering material to homeschoolers, which makes having physical samples from all of them nearly impossible! - our LOFT LIBRARY contains sample resources from many providers. Our collection includes material with which Jenny and Tina have personal experience, as well as favorites donated by some of our wise, veteran-homeschool-parent friends. And we'll sit down and talk you through it all!

We don't lend the curricular material - we want to keep all our samples on hand for any interested party to view at any time during the year - but feel free to visit during our office hours, peruse our shelves, and ask questions as you go. And be sure to consider our parent resource books, which are available for check-out.

Please note that - while we (obviously) love children - our small space is not equipped to provide childcare while you browse. To make your visit as productive as possible, we suggest stopping by or asking for an appointment at a time when your spouse or a friend can watch your children for a short time. 

(please read our ABOUT page for more information)